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Unclaimed Asset Advisors has identified funds being held by a third party that we believe belong to you. We specialize in researching, locating, and returning these unclaimed assets to the rightful owner. There are no out of pocket expenses, and we take full responsibility for all costs, regardless of the outcome, and are only paid when you are paid.

About Us

Unclaimed Asset Advisors is an asset recovery firm that is dedicated to researching unclaimed assets held by local, state, and federal agencies. We access a network of professionals including attorneys, title specialists, research analysts, and claim processors that will provide the highest level of service to ensure the rightful owner gets funds or assets owed to them in the shortest time possible.

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Call, email, or complete our "Submit Request" contact form above. We will advise on any questions you may have and create a plan to claim your funds in the shortest time possible.

Submit Paperwork

We will send you the necessary paperwork needed to work with the local, state, or federal agency on recovering the funds.

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Return the paperwork back to us via mail or email and we will handle the rest of the work! Once your claim has been approved, we will contact you as soon your funds are ready and on the way.

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Why Choose Us?


You can be rest assured knowing that we have years of experience dealing with unclaimed asset claims.


We offer full transparency during the entire process and invite you to check in on our progress. Our service is very straight forward and delivers results.


We offer a quick, efficient and simple process. Most cases will get a resolution with minimum effort from the claimant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are You Contacting Me And Not The Agency?

We are sure the agency holding your funds have tried contacting you and stopped. Most of the time, events such as postal errors, incorrect name spellings, address changes, bankruptcy, or deaths may have prevented the notices from getting to the rightful person.​​

Is This Real? Sounds To Good To be True. 

Yes. This is very real. Billions of dollars across America go unclaimed for various reasons. We are determined to locate the rightful owner and help them properly claim funds they otherwise do not know exist. Even if the rightful owner is deceased, the surviving spouse, child, parents, other living relatives, or trustee may have claim to the funds.

How Long Does The Claim Process Take?

This usually depends on the nature of the claim and agency involved. Each individual case is different and could take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks on average to get approved, provided all the paperwork has been properly submitted without errors, resubmissions, or objections. Once approved, the funds are typically released within 30 to 60 days.

Is There A Time Limit To Submit A Claim?

Yes. Depending on the state and claim type, some unclaimed assets can be considered abandoned after a certain period of time. If you miss your deadline, the ability to make a claim will be forfeited, and the agency holding your funds will keep them.

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